About Us

A Rich and Influential Heritage

Built in 1965, the original Hotel Merdeka was designed to cater Royal Johor & WGCC Member after Malaya Independent Day.

Constructed in a hybrid of neo-classical and art deco styles, the 33 rooms hotel sat on a commanding hilltop site facing another of Kluang’s famous landmarks, the Gunung Lambak & Kluang Golf Country Club. The main building is characterised by tall white classically proportioned strong grid and detailed cornices. The curved driveway and unique entrance contribute to the sense of grandeur.

The hotel catered to every whim and fancy of contemporary society. In Malayan history, modern sanitation was introduced in all rooms, with hot and cold water, showers, and long baths in 33rooms, considered the height of luxury in its day.

Custom designed lobby and colonial cafeteria setting added to the sumptuous surroundings. A special feature was the outdoor garden, with a dance floor and seating for 350 guests. Artistes from all over the nation performed at the hotel. In its heyday, The Hotel Merdeka https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ was the most historical in Kluang , unrivalled for its prestige and luxury. Favoured by the colonial elite and prominent visitors, she was the venue for extravagant parties, outdoor gardens function and that most European of traditions, the garden tea dance.

By the 1990s, however, the hotel had lost its lustre, giving way to newer, bigger and more luxurious hotels. Saved from demolition by the town reformation, she was named as a historical building. Teras Eco is then entrusted with the restoration of this national treasure, a project the Company undertook with much pride.

Merdeka Hotel is now operated by Teras Living Sdn Bhd – subsidiary company of Teras Eco Sdn Bhd www.teraseco.com.my